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VTF-15H High Level Input Question

My first post comes from that of excitement. I expect delivery of my new VTF-15H tomorrow and cannot wait.

My question, I currently have a Samsung HTIB system with a dedicated sub out channel with a single +/- speaker wire connection. Safe to assume I'm using the high level input on the sub as my connection point.

Is it true that I only need to connect to the left or right side of the sub input to get full performance out of the sub?

Also, any other issues that might arise from my connection method? I'm open to advice that anyone can offer.

For future reference I have a Marantz SR6005 that will soon replace the HTIB receiver. Got a great deal from my uncle but need to wait about 2 weeks to take ownership. I will not be able to wait 2 weeks to connect this sub.
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