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Dual VTF-2 MK5 or VTF-3 MK5 HP?

My room size is 18ft x 13ft x 8 ft, and my main use would be for movies; I have two open doorways, one in the front the other in the back of the room. I am looking for the deep chest-thumping but also love to hear those bass lows as well.

I didn't know if one VTF-2 would be good enough (maybe tuned properly to give the sound I am looking for), but read that duals are the way to go. Or perhaps just one VTF-3 is more then enough. I have read people are happy with just one VTF-2, some have the duals and say they love it, some have just one VTF-3 and love that as well. I have not found anyone that has had a VTF-2, then upgraded to either duals or one VTF-3 (or upgraded to two VTF-3); it would be great to know if someone went through this process to hear their opinion on if it really makes that much difference. Obviously on paper it seems like the more the better, but in reality, if one is to have tested such a scenario to experience the difference of each circumstance or a similar one, then this would be of more value.

Really just don't want to spend more money if it's not going to be such a dramatic difference.
Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

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