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It ultimately depends on your preferences, but if you generally listen to moderate, occasionally moderately loud levels, I would say the VTF-2 Mk5 should be a good choice. I think probably the biggest thing that may be a challenge is the room acoustic interactions with the sub. It's quite possible that with a single sub (regardless of model), you may end up getting some significant dips in the mid-bass especially at your listening position, with the sub placed up front. What that would sound like is the sub will lack punch/definition and sometimes would sound weak depending on the material. So I would actually try placing the sub along the back corner to see if that gives you a better sub response overall. You still may get a bit of a dip around 20-25 Hz or so, but that may be worth the tradeoff. What may end up being a good way to go is to go with two VTF-2 Mk5's to give you a smoother response. You can always start off with one to see how that works out for you.
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