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Bookshelf speakers vs. towers.

Well it all depends on your budget and AVR.

A good bookshelf speaker will do most people just fine. There are advantages with a bookie.
#1 You don't need monster AVR/Power amp to drive them nice.
#2 Placement options are a lot better, wall mount, stands or on a
bookshelf. Whatever works and meets the wife acceptance factor (WAF).
#3 In general a good bookie cost less than it's floorstanding counterpart

I've only had my ears on the HB1 once for a short time and yes they sound good. They would be on my list if I was looking for non Polk speakers.

Yes I do have towers (Polk S60) in my main setup powered with an Emotiva amp. I also own the bookies to this line (S20). For giggles I put the bookies in the mix. At normal or low levels the bookies sounded just as good as the towers. It wasn't till I started to crank it that I could tell the difference. I had to put the bookies back in the bedroom before the wife saw them in the family room. She might have bugged me to sell the towers.
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