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Silver or gold...

Originally Posted by Retread
What you are look for is the contribution of the cable to hum, not the contribution of the receiver.

Start with the cable to the sub unplugged, turn the sub's volume all the way up, and listen for hum. That will tell you the sub's base hum/noise level.

TURN THE SUB VOLUME ALL THE WAY DOWN. Plug in the cable with the receiver volume all the way down and listen for hum. If you have major hum, you probably have a ground loop problem, although I had an incident in which the ground inside the sub had broken, resulting in a major hum as soon as I plugged in the cable.

Turn up the sub's volume with the receiver still down. If you hear significant additional hum, its probably cable contribution.
I have it hooked up to my old sub and with coax and everything works fine as far as the hum test. Cant wait till my VT3-MK2 shows up! One more question, what’s better gold or silver interconnects ends? I purchased gold ones from the Rate Shack and they seem fine, but I have some silver laying around as well.
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