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Originally Posted by cmendizabal09 View Post
Good afternoon.
I need some advices.
I have 2 VTF-15H subwoofers in my small room 14' x 13' x 8.5'.
I ran audyssey process as Per Dr. Hsu recomendation. (Subwoofers
Volume at 9:00 am both, One port open, Q=.7, EQ1, 8 positions).
My Denon AVR-4520 levels were -12 on both Subs after Audyssey run.
I changed my sub to one port open, EQ2, Q=.5 and increase the
AVR Levels to -7 on both subs.
Can these changes damage my subs?
Any recommendation from the experts of this Forum? (Dr. Hsu)
Thanks a lot for your advices.
I don't have experience on this.
Bass level is already too high. The fact that your Denon sets it to -12 (the lowest it can set) means that you have too much bass already. Setting to -7 will give you yet more bass. Now, if you like a LOT of bass, that is fine. Should not be a problem for the subs.

If you want a more accurate bass, try setting the subwoofer volume on both subs to 8 o'clock and re run Audyssey. Setting the subwoofer level about 3 - 5 dB higher than Audyssey is OK.
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