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Hi and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for having this forum.

I'm loving my VTF2 Mk3. Just looking for some tweaking advice. My room is 14 X 14 X 9. The entryway (no door) is in the front right corner. My couch is basically centered against the rear wall. I won't (can't) set the room up in a diagonal. I don't have any rear speakers, although I've been thinking about putting a small pair I have on hand behind the couch on the floor facing upward.

I have the sub in the front left corner, 9 inches from the back wall and 6 inches from the side. I basically just dropped it there. I really don't have much space to play with. I could move the sub only about 6 inches more from the side wall unless I move the mains closer together. I could probably move the sub 2 feet more from the back wall. If we assume the front left corner is the only position available and I only have the option to move it around as described, where would the best place be? Although I know every room and every situation is different, I was hoping that given the room is square there would be some general rule of thumb I should take into consideration.

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Front left corner should be a very good placement in your room. I would leave it there. The subwoofer can be put very snugly in a corner as long as you leave 3-4" of space between the rear-firing ports and back wall.

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