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Sub Recommnedation (I have layout)

Ok, my setup.

60" plasma
Denon AVR 1611 (75wx7)
Polk M10 (ceiling mounted about 1' off wall) I'll most likely move these to the rears eventually but using them for now.

Basement is big and open, but "theater" area is 2166^ft3 (grey).
Have large open areas behind "theater" area totaling 3189^ft3 (orange and yellow)
Here is footprint of basement. The colors just show the cubic feet, there are no internal walls separating them.

Here is pic from back of the couch.

Priority 1 is Sub for HT 90% (10% music). Thinking $600 range. Most likely HSU.
I'm NOT a basshead. I have a kid and one on the way. I just want it to sound good. Could I go less than a VTF-2 MK 4?
Recommendations are appreciated.

I basically want to know if the VTF-2 MK 4 will sound good in this set up or not. Do I need to step up? Basically I don't want to drop $600 if it doesn't sound great. Keep in mind, I don't want a shake down the house sub either.

So....what would you recommend?

Also, where would you place the sub in this case?

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