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Question Just got STF-2, have crossover question!

I am a newbie when it comes to audio. I just bought a STF-2 per Dr. Hsu's suggestion and it rocks(comepare to my cheapo 50W aiwa). I was completely mesmerized by the bass it produced with "Independence Day" DVD. When the moon surface was shaking (from aliencraft), so was my floor. But now I'm trying setup the system properly for both music and HT and I would like to know following:

I have Onkyo 501 and it has options to set the crossover from 60 - 150 (with increment of 20). My front speaker (floor standing) frequency (according to mfg says is 40-20K). What should I set my crossover to on the receiver? On the subwoofer manual it says set it to small. Would that mean set it to 150???? What is the frequency of the subwoofer? Am I losing sound between 90-150, if I set it to 150?

Is there a break-in period for this unit, if yes usually how long does it take?

3) The BASS and TREBLE on my receiver, how much of roll does it play on producing currect balanced sound? should I just leave them to 0? What advantages do I get from tweaking these? in other words, is it better to crank up the bass or keep it low?

I just bought the SPL meter from radioshack. I'll be messing with setups this weekend. But I'm already having fun with system. Thanks for the great product.

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