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Originally Posted by joe s
PS I set all my speakers to small, even though I wish my Marantz 5400 had an adjustable crossover, it's fixed at 100 hz.
I wouldn't sweat it too much.

I'm looking at two receivers for possible purchase, and I was concerned as one choice is fixed at 100hz crossover and the other at 90hz. Since I'm considering getting Ascend 170 speakers, which most people tout the 80 hz crossover as being best for those (and many other) speakers, I was concerned.

So I called Ascend about it, and they said not to sweat it. They said at 100 hz, you might notice a slight difference than if you were able to set to the 80 hz crossover. Then as far as the receiver with the 90 hz fixed setting, he said not to even give it a second thought as there would be no discernable difference. He also emphasized the point about the cut-off being gradual, not brickwall-like, as stated earlier.

Given that they have a vested interest in making their speakers sound and perform as optimally as possible, if there was to be any appreciable difference, surely they would have strongly suggested that I consider some other receiver options.
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