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Some people do prefer to hear more or less bass than usual with movies versus music. Whereas, Audyssey theoretically sets the sub level and response to the calibrated level used in the studios. Note my use of the word "theoretical". Audyssey can in fact work very well, but there are limitations. If you run into any of these limitations, then you may get gaps in the bass response and will more likely hear less bass than more bass when running at "calibrated" level. Increasing the sub level may be helpful, but doesn't really correct the imbalance.

Interestingly, I think music tends to have more mid bass while movies have more deep bass. This is far from true in general, as plenty of music goes down lower, and mid bass provides a lot of the sense of impact in movies. Nevertheless, I suspect that if the mid bass is weak, then one might be more inclined to boost the bass when listening to music. If in your case, it's the deep bass output that is weak, then you want the bass turned up for movies. If that's the case, then you may be able to get much better bass with a different sub placement.

I don't think your resized image came through. Do you want to try again? What I can see from what you posted is that your house is an open floor plan. If your sub is not sitting at an outer wall, then you might not be getting the best deep bass that you can.
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