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Recommendations for my 2-channel system

I am looking for a very musical subwoofer. I like your VTF line for its flexibility and tuning ability to integrate into a system. I was looking at the VTF-3 MK5 and came across the VTF-15H on clearance for the same price. It goes to 16Hz (the last pedal on a pipe organ) which appeals to me, but I worry that it may be too much. I am not looking for room shaking and SPL. I want to fill in the lower end of my system. My main speakers already go to the low 30's, so I want something to work in the teens and 20's. My speakers use horns and over 100bB efficient. I drive them with only 22 watts of SET tube power. I listen to mostly jazz, classical and vocals. What are your thoughts on what I am trying to achieve and what options I have in your VTF line? I have attached a picture of the system.
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