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Is it true -- in your opinion, Kevin -- that Hsu Research has rather backed off from trying to produce ultra-low bass? By "ultra-low," I mean substantial output below 16 Hz. I have one VTF-3 Mk 4, which I think had a -3 db spec of 16 Hz with one port open. The current VTF-3 Mk5 HP only promises 17 Hz. Even the flagship VTF-15 Mk2 only promises 16 Hz. There appears to have been an adjustment in engineering goals. I have been looking at other brands, some of whose models promise substantial output as low as 12 or 13 Hz.

Also -- has Hsu Research done any research or experimentation with Dolby Atmos? I don't have an Atmos setup, although I have the electronics for it. I've found that it's just about impossible to hear an Atmos demo, particularly with in/on ceiling height speakers. I'm puzzled that the audio/HT retailing industry hasn't put some effort in trying to market this. People won't buy it if they can't hear it.

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