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Originally Posted by Calypte View Post
I have one VTF-3 Mk 4, which I think had a -3 db spec of 16 Hz with one port open. The current VTF-3 Mk5 HP only promises 17 Hz. Even the flagship VTF-15 Mk2 only promises 16 Hz. I have been looking at other brands, some of whose models promise substantial output as low as 12 or 13 Hz
I would only say this: not all "specs" are created equal. Manufacturers have a vested interest in selling product. So the better the specs, the more they sell.

My GoldenEar speakers claim extension to 14 Hz. And that's mains - not subs. They get me to about 90-percent bass euphoria. But if they truly went to 14 Hz in my listening room, I know I'd be about 100-percent there.

My mains have 3) woofers and 4) sub-bass radiators - PER SIDE (left & right). All of the bass cones are oval in shape. But I've calculated the bass radiating area and translated it to the more-common round drivers.

It translates to either: 2) 16" woofers PER SIDE, or: 2) 10" woofers and 1) 18" sub PER SIDE. In other words: 4) 16" woofers or 4) 10" woofers and 2) 18" subs for the whole system.

That, plus two (2) 1600-watt sub amps (one per channel), seems it'd be "enough". But I still find myself in want of more energy in what I would call the bottom musical octave of 16-32 Hz. Unfortunately, if I try to boost the bass level control, I boost much more than that bottom octave - so I pretty much just leave it flat.

My only point is that every listening room is different, and until you put a specific speaker in a specific listening room, there's almost no way to predict what will be the outcome. You can predict it, but you won't know. And the fact that one mfr claims 1-2 (or even 2-4) more Hz extension than another means very little.
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