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I've had a fun couple of days with the old deep-bass list published by Hsu Research many years ago. The list is old enough that the street address for Hsu Research at the top of the page is a residential address. I guess Dr. Hsu was operating out of his garage when he started.

Probably the best demo of sub-20 Hz bass is still the demo disc issued by Hsu Research with its subwoofers. At least they were supplying it in 2014. This CD-ROM is not on the old list. The CD-ROM has a clip from the last part of the Adagio of Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3, played by the Boston Civic Orchestra, conducted by Max Hobart. This track sets our curio cabinet rattling. Two other recordings of the Saint-Saens Sym 3 in my collection that come close to this Boston recording are an SACD on the Ondine label with the Philadelphia Orchestra, conducted by Christoph Eschenbach, and the Kansas City Symphony, conducted by Michael Stern. This last one is a recent recording on Reference Recordings. Many recordings of this symphony contain very little low bass.

The latter part of the Saturn movement from Holst's The Planets also has an organ part with some good low bass. I have no way to determine the actual Hz, but it sounds to me like it's about as low as the Saint-Saens. The best in my collection is the recording by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Andrew Davis. Second best is Charles Dutoit conducting the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal.

Looking ahead, I'd be interested in a subwoofer whose -3 db point is significantly below 16 Hz. One of the other manufacturers (not SVS) has caught my eye.

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