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Originally Posted by Calypte View Post
The CD-ROM has a clip from the last part of the Adagio of Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3, played by the Boston Civic Orchestra, conducted by Max Hobart. This track sets our curio cabinet rattling.

The latter part of the Saturn movement from Holst's The Planets also has an organ part with some good low bass. I have no way to determine the actual Hz, but it sounds to me like it's about as low as the Saint-Saens.
The 2nd movement of the Saint-Saens "Organ" Symphony is actually in the key of Db (D-flat), so the lowest organ notes you're hearing there is a low-Db in the 32-foot pedal organ pipes, which is around 17.3 Hz. (I verified this by looking at sheet music online as well as verifying with a keyboard in listening room comparing 3-4 recordings of it.)

The last movement of the Saint-Saens is in the key of C-major. It opens with C-major chord on full organ, which would include 32' low pedal C, which is around 16.4 Hz. The finale ends with the orchestra underpinned by a descending C-major scale in the 32' organ pedals.
So the scale starts with middle-C (16' pipe) in the pedals and descends to the low-C (32' pipe), and the approx Hz for each note in the scale would be:

C: 32.7
B: 30.9
A: 27.5
G: 24.5
F: 21.9
E: 20.6
D: 18.4
C: 16.4

With full orchestra blaring above in the finale, it's hard to hear the bass line, but it can definitely be felt (assuming good recording and good organ). It's also interesting to mute your mains and hear the line with just the subs. It's a good test for bass extension, starting around 32 Hz and going down to around 16 Hz, especially if you don't have test-tones.

Regarding the "Saturn" mvt of Holst's "The Planets" (Mvt 5), the organ pedals enter near the end with a low-E, which is around 20.6 Hz. Then in the last few measures ends on a low-C, which is around 16.4 Hz. (Again, verified by online sheet music and a keyboard in the listening room.)
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