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You asked about winding to the pipes, so here are some more pics.

I've been a fan of TELARC since before they were making CDs, hehe. [Showing my age.] They may have been the 1st classical label to record digitally in the '70s - even though the CD had not yet been invented, so they were digitally-recorded vinyl albums of course. Still remember their ground-breaking recording of "1812 Overture" with digitally-recorded cannon-shots dubbed into orchestral recording. (And the record grooves for the cannon-shots had to be spaced about 1/8" apart due to the sawtooth-looking grooves at each cannon blast, and the infrasonics from the after-rumblings of the cannons easily ran below 15 Hz.) You had to crank up the tonearm force on your turntable to keep the cannon-shots from knocking the needle out of the groove. Good times.

I've got hundreds of CDs, and over 70 of them are TELARC.
I also took a liking to Dorian Recordings (probably 1980s & '90s), but I believe they're out-of-business. Both companies produced very natural-sounding recordings using minimal micing techniques without a lot of frequency and/or dynamics tweaking by the engineer.

Unfortunately, I don't believe I've ever personally heard the Saint-Saens performed live in concert with orchestra and pipe organ - only with electronic organ. Some very good, but some pretty disappointing. With a proper installation (and many, many subwoofers), an electronic organ can get you within about 80-90 percent of a pipe organ. [Actually, a lot of pipe organs add digital 32' ranks (reaching down to 16 Hz) due to money and/or space limitations. And, again, with the proper subwoofers & amps, you'd be hard-pressed to know the difference between pipe and electronic in the 16-32 Hz octave.] Unfortunately, not all symphony halls have a pipe organ installed to do pieces like the Saint-Saens justice, and symphonic concerts in large churches (where large pipe organs normally live) are few and far between.
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