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I made an error. The LP record, "The Union," wasn't performed by Frederick Fennell. It was conducted by Richard Bales, conducting the National Gallery Orchestra. They made a companion set, "The Confederacy," with the same performers. We have both. My memory confused the Bales sets with a pair of Civil War albums by Fennell, issued on Mercury -- which we also have.

I have 13 recordings of the Saint-Saens Sym 3, going back to monos by Munch and Toscanini. The cover of Mata's looks familiar, and I'd swear I have the Jongen piece somewhere. But I can't find it.

Edited to add: The Ormandy/Murray set of the Saint-Saens was recorded at a church in Philadelphia. The anonymous notes specifically say that they explicitly rejected the idea of dubbing in an organ from elsewhere.

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