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Originally Posted by Calypte View Post
Does Hsu Research have any plans to make a subwoofer with -3 db (at least) response below 16 Hz?

This is something I'd be interested in as well. I use my stereo system mostly for music, and a lot of what I listen to (acoustic/classical/orchestral/organ) has a lot of content below a low-C (which is around 32 Hz) on the musical scale. A properly-tuned symphonic bass drum can easily have a lot of energy in the 16-32 Hz octave, and a 32-foot low-C organ pipe produces a 16 Hz tone. (By comparison, the low-E string on an electric bass is around 41 Hz if my math is correct.)

I recently reintroduced one of my two ULS-15's (the one without the blown amp) back into my system to handle that bottom octave ONLY. While my current speakers handle everything above 32 Hz fairly well in my room, they do begin falling off below that - thus I've brought in the Hsu to handle only content below 32 Hz. So I've got both Trim and Crossover knobs all the way counterclockwise so it doesn't handle (or interfere with) anything much above 32 Hz.

It seems to me that a lot of subs try to do everything - produce that gut-punch in the mid-bass, while also digging into the deeper nether-regions of the audio spectrum. I'd be interested in a sub that focuses on that truly-subterranean range without worrying about that mid-to-upper bass stuff.

I suppose my fantasy subwoofer would be flat down to at least 15-16 Hz and would only need to reach up to around 30-32 Hz. Maybe an 18", 20" or 24" driver for the truly infrasonic frequencies...?
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