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I too tried moving my VTF-3 mk2 all around. First I tried the front corner by the bookshelves to left of the monitor. It sounded good there but I wasn't quite satisfied. So then I tried moving it inbetween two recliners in the center of the room. It sounded better, however for the two sitting in the recliners it could be kind of scary-a real rumble seat. I could handle it but the WAF came into play and she really did not go for the end table concept I was trying to sell.
So finally I moved the beast to a back corner behind the seating area to the left, this is where it has remained. It has more volume there and all my measurements taken from all seats in the listening area were more balanced. When tuned correctly and not too "hot" you can't tell where it is as it blends seamlessly with the Paradigms.
Sometimes though, for demonstration purposes only, I like to crank it up.
I am fom the old school of Boomy car stereos from back in the 80s and to my ear I just prefer the bass to be behind me. I hope this helps.

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