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Sub placement & kudos

I recently purchased an VTF-2MkIII. For convenience of hookup, I originally placed it behind/left of the main listening location. My wife didn't like it there as it was the first thing you saw as you entered the front door and looked up the steps -- she calls it a "white" elephant (maple finish). I ended up putting it in the right front corner of the main listening area with a GRAMMA isolation pad under it (we have wood floors). After some tuning it sounds great in the main listening area but even better in the sunroom off to the left. Since I don't really get off on the stereo seperation aspect of the experience I enjoy listening, from what some people would say, is a non-optimal location. I have the sub cabled directly to the amp speaker outs and then over to the main speakers. I originally had the sub connected to the amp pre-out 2 but did not want to run an interconnect under the floor -- rather I leveraged the existing speake cabling -- works fine and the amp (NAD C372) drives everything fine with minimal effort. Until I got this sub I never knew what I was missing -- even though I have a seperate Home Theater in the basement with a 5.1 Bouston Acoustics setup. Nice work HSU Research! I highly recommend this product.
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