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The ULS-15 Mk2 should be able to reproduce those higher frequencies so that's not really an issue. The main issue would be localization of the sub which may make it more difficult to try out different placements in the room to give you a better response overall. I don't quite know why Anthem set your speaker crossovers so high. Did you run the CCB-8's in ported mode or sealed? If you ran them in ported mode, the only reason I can figure is that the room acoustics are causing a dip around 120 Hz or so, which causes ARC to think that your speakers can only play down to 130 Hz. What you can try to do is, set your speaker crossovers to 80 Hz and use the test tones on the Hsu BAS Test CD to play freq from 200 down to 100 Hz. If you can hear a considerable drop in output around 120 Hz, then the room acoustics is likely causing that so try different placements for the speakers to see if you can eliminate it. Otherwise, if you don't really have any localization issues with the sub and that crossover, then 130 Hz setting is fine.
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