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Originally Posted by jbug
Just received the speaker stands from partsexpress. The clamps are a wee bit too wide for the sats. Did I get the right ones? Do I need to pad them with something? There are some velcro pads that came with the stands, but do not seem to fit the bil for padding.

Same here, the clamps don't come in far enough to firmly hold the little speaker. I bridged the gap on both sides by using a solid (round) vacum cleaner belt that I cut into 4 pieces. I'm sure if you look around the house, you will find even better material to fill in the gaps. I am surprised that no one else is mentioning this problem.
I got my Parts Express stands today. My Ventriloquist set may arrive tomorrow, but my stands seem to close down to 3 1/2 inches wide. You must be doing something non-standard. Make sure that the side pieces are inserted into their own square tube slot. Also ensure the short portion of the side faces to the right as it's inserted. Good luck.
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