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Originally Posted by Pete_Hsu View Post
Hi bread,

I would keep the MBM in the nearfield position in your setup. Feel free to experiment with the VTF sub up front or in the nearfield, but the best deep bass response will be had with the VTF sub up front in the corner.

This is my first post so I may have the quotes wrong.
I am looking for my first sub. I like the MK3 due to its tabletop height about 21 in mono look replacing an end table. The ULS 15 is too short and squat 18 in height. But since the MK3 will be nearfield, - Will the ports create any kind of noise that I may hear at close listening position. My room including adjoining kitchen and hallways extend beyond 30 ft. @ 8 ft ceilings The VTF is a good height but I am looking for a clean no front grill. Any suggestions?
Is the MK3 too small for my living room/kitchen and just go with the 15 in VTF and try to work it out?
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