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Originally Posted by Backlash View Post
I have a room that is 17' square, with an opening on one side for a hallway. In the front right I have a VTF-3HO Turbo and would like to place an incoming VTF-15H in the front left corner. The HO is both turbo ports open, driver to the right wall.

Any recommendations on direction of the 15H?
Do I need to run it out of phase with the second one?
What Q level is recommended for movies and games?

The room is 3500 cubic feet and I'm looking to fill in with some solid tight bass. From what I've read I want one port on the 15h plugged, EQ1, and the crossover set at 80 for my B&W mains.

Thanks for the input!
Best if you can post your room details. Where is the opening to the hallway? left or right side? Near the back of the room or front?

I would most likely aim the woofer at you, set Q to 0.3, same phase as the HO.
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