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STF-1 - I bought another one!!

After 8+ years with my original STF-1 I finally found another one posted on Kijiji in perfect shape! I just love this little sub.

Now that I have 2 x STF-1's for my 2.1 Stereo's in the Family Room and Living Room I want to purchase another HSU sub for the Great Room. This is the largest of the rooms that my STF-1 has served years of music and home theatre duty in. This room is approximately 12 x 16 with a large opening to the stairwell (this room is over the garage).

As you may have noticed I don't need a lot of room shaking bass. We also don't do surround sound. Only 2.1. My wife hates surround sound. So I'm considering the VTF-1 or VTF-2 which, from the specs, should be a big upgrade from the STF-1 power/impact wise.

We don't listen to movies very loud, music can get to half 3/4 volumes when we are socializing with a dozen people over.


1. Which one will be more "musical". Meaning, tight bass (I hate boomy flatulent bass) with fast transitions. I've always loved how the STF-1 makes easy work of complex musical bass transitions with composure and without getting boomy.

2. At low to medium volumes, will these subs put the same happy grin on my face while listening to all my various music favourites that the little STF-1 does?

3. Other than getting an extra few Hz in the low end, are there any other benefits to the VTF-2 over the VTF-1.

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