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Also looking for placement sub purchase suggestion.

Also looking for sub size and placement suggestion.

I've included a rough drawing of my room.

I am planning to place 46" LCD TV in a corner surrounded by L, R bookshelfs (Ascend Sierras). I will mainly use for HT, but also for music. I don't want to place the sub near TV because concerned I will damage it. I was looking at putting sub in a corner (#1 in diagram). Dr. Hsu suggested placing right next to viewing location but I think this is not easy from wiring standponit (except maybe #4 in diagram).

The questions:

1. Will VTF3 Mk3 be big enough for this space if tuned for Max Output and placed where I am planning (#1 on the graph)?
2. I don't know if my Pioneer VSX-D509S gives option for setting cross-over below 100Hz . If I cross-over at 100Hz, how noticeable will the sub placement be? I will get an Onkyo HT receiver in the longer term so this is a short term issue (1-2 years).
3. If you have other suggestion how to position or what to buy want them. Buying 2 subs doesn't work for me. I am selling my floorstanders to make room for the 46" LCD so I can't see myself getting multiple subs for optimizing the placement (nearfield, etc).

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