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Sub in cavity above floor?

New VTF2-m3 just arrived! Placement will be dictated by saf, so I won't get into exactly where to place it. My question is: I have a built in entertainment center that I designed around my old Mistubishi 36" tube type tv. The tv cavity is 43"W X 36"D X 36"H. I'm putting my new 46" Sony LCD in this cavity. Of course, it's only a few inches deep, so I will have a considerable amount of space behind it. I'm almost positive I know the answer to this question already, but I wanted to see if anybody else had had any experience placing a sub in such close proximity to the tv. I'm not worried about any magnetic issues. I'm almost positive that the sub will cause mechanical damage to the tv. Am I correct? This cavity is about 20" above the floor. That's another thing I haven't really researched, is sub height above the floor and what effect it has.
Part 2 is the component cavity is above the tv cavity, same width and depth and enough headroom to fit the sub in behind the components (receiver, dvd, dvr, etc.). Now my questions become physical damage to those components, almost certain dvd skipping, and again, height above the floor, which is now about 6 feet.
Again, I'm pretty sure based on just my experience that these aren't really valid options, but I wanted to see if any of you guys had ever tried anything like this.
Otherwise, it ends up in the corner with a doily on it.
thanks in advance for any input.
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