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Talking VTF-15H MK2 - HOLY COW!!!

Ok audio enthusiasts, I just received my VTF-15H MK2 on Saturday and after a very difficult time of lugging it up the stairs (the thing weighs over 100 lbs!) I have set it up in the loft theater and have some initial observations. I plan on writing a full review after spending more time calibrating the system (currently running one port open, EQ 2, Q Control around 0.5)

But my initial response is HOLY COW!!!

I am filling 10,000 cf of space with this thing and the volume knob is only at 1/4. Sure there are some dead spots, but in the 20x20 theater loft area that I care about is filled nicely.

They say the human ear cannot hear below 20 hz but I can certainly feel below 20 hz with the MK2. If I did not have carpet, my couch would walk across the floor during space battles! Why would anybody need two of these things???

So, overall very pleased with the upgrade from the Velodyne CHT-12. There is simply no comparison though I will try in my full review.

Does the low volume knob seem normal? The Denon is set at around -8db for the sw channel.
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