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3.1 Starter system - Music & HT - what sub to start with?

Hi All - Happy New Year!

I have been pondering a 3.1 system to start, and can't decide whether to pair a set of 3 CCB-8s with the ULS-15 or the Hybrid 15.

Eventually I would like to include the Hybrid 15 as part of my setup - but wanted to start with the ULS 15 as I listen to music of varying types and would want a sub that does well in both HT and music.

Cost difference is negligible between the 2 packages.

Here are some rough specs of the family room which is open concept, and also includes a stairwell to the 2nd floor:

1. Main viewing area: 1500 cu.ft
2. Kitchen/dining/breakfast area: 4400 cu.ft
3. Open stairwell/landing and upper floor hallway: 900 cu. ft +/- 100 cu.ft

Current System Components:

1. Panasonic TC-60 inch LED TV in controlled lighting environment
2. JVC RX-817V receiver amp
3. 3 bookshelf speakers serving as 3.1 set

Any advice, suggestions, questions are welcome!
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