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Originally Posted by Pete_Hsu View Post
Hi Lexx,

Does your room open to any other areas of the house?

Also, could you show me a rough sketch of your room?

Assuming that your 2700 ft^3 volume is enclosed, I would lean towards getting an MBM-12.

Hi Pete,

The sub is VTF MKII is located at the front left corner. There is an opening into the kitchen which is on the right side, close to the rear wall. The kitchen area is approx. 10x10 with an 8' ceiling (800 cubic feet).

What about any crossover problems that might occur with the MBM-12 as it introduces a 2nd crossover into the loop? I'm still pretty skeptical about the MBM-12. As far as I know, HSU is one of the only companies that encourage it. Most other sub manufacturers still belive in adding 2 of the exact subwoofer. Perhaps HSU knows something that no one else does.
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