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Originally Posted by Lexx2004 View Post
Hi Pete,

The sub is VTF MKII is located at the front left corner. There is an opening into the kitchen which is on the right side, close to the rear wall. The kitchen area is approx. 10x10 with an 8' ceiling (800 cubic feet).

What about any crossover problems that might occur with the MBM-12 as it introduces a 2nd crossover into the loop? I'm still pretty skeptical about the MBM-12. As far as I know, HSU is one of the only companies that encourage it. Most other sub manufacturers still belive in adding 2 of the exact subwoofer. Perhaps HSU knows something that no one else does.
One big advantage of MBM is that it lets one position the deep bass subwoofer in a location that is ideal for deep bass reproduction, and the mid-bass unit in a location that is ideal for mid-bass reproduction. Also, there is much lower intermodulation distortion, and the MBM-12 lets one run a subwoofer in max extension mode without sacrificing any mid-bass punch and impact.

There is nothing wrong with using a second identical subwoofer, but a system with MBM-12 and a single true subwoofer would still have some natural advantages over using two true subwoofers, and vice versa too. The benefits of using MBM-12 (including lower intermodulation distortion, wider dynamic range, reduced room reflections, higher headroom, etc) far outweigh any potential complications introduced by an additional crossover in my opinion. That's why there are plenty of customers with dual VTF subwoofers who still end up getting a great improvement with MBM-12.

Sometimes it is not an easy thing to decide whether or not to add a second identical subwoofer or an MBM-12. If one is getting mid-bass response anomolies with a single true sub, and/or they don't have a very large space to pressurize, then I think it makes most sense to get an MBM-12. If one is looking for much stronger deep bass impact, then it makes most sense to get a second true subwoofer.
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