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Originally Posted by glassetcher View Post
Kevin, thanks for getting back to me.
So, can the subs still process the LFE signal going from the RCA switch box into their high level inputs the same as if the LFE signal was going to the LFE input? What is the difference in the high level speaker signal and the LFE signal from the receiver?
Basically in this method, the high level inputs on the subs will not be used. It will all be connected via RCA cables to the low level inputs on the subs. Generally speaking, it's always better to run from a preamp source than the amplifier outs. The reason being is that using the amp outs will add in an additional gain stage to it and if you play your material loud enough, the amp may easily be sent into distortion and will start to compress which will affect how clean and how linear the subs will be. Also usually for preamp/power amp separates, the power amp usually will clip before the preamp stage will.
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