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Originally Posted by glassetcher View Post
Kevin, here's my latest plan, which I think pretty well follows along with your last suggestion. I would connect the RCA outputs of the S300 amp to one of the RCA inputs on the switch box. Then, the RCA outs of the switch box would go the high level inputs of the subs, one channel to one sub, and the other to the other sub. The sub-outs of the Denon 4300, which would only be turned on for HT, would go directly to the LFE inputs on the subs. Thus, when I want to listen to stereo only, I would switch to the input on the switch box from the S300 amp, and for HT, switch the box to an unused input, thus cutting out the input from the S300, and turn on the Denon so the LFE sub-outs then input to the subs. This also lets me get back to Audessey control of the subs for HT. None of my speakers are connected thru the subs, so there is no problem there. In addition, the RCA box has a remote, so I can incorporate control into my Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote to switch the box to the proper input remotely. I'm getting the switch box Thurs and will hook up this scenario to see how works.
Thanks for your input.
Hi John,

Let me correct that a bit. Basically, if you're running from your S300 amp to the sub (high level inputs), instead of your PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Preamp/DAC to the sub (low level inputs), then you will need to run it to a speaker cable switch box instead. The RCA switch box is only used if you're running from your PS Audio Preamp/DAC to the subs. So when you're using your Denon HT system, then you switch the speaker cable switch box to an unused input, like you stated. The rest is OK to try. The only thing that you may need to consider is if your Denon AVR is sending some high impedance signal to the sub even if it's off. If that happens, then you will lose a lot of signal from your PS Audio 2 ch system. So what you can do is try your 2 ch setup with everything hooked up. Remove the RCA cable from the sub and see if the volume gets louder. If it does then my recommendation is to use your RCA switch box and connect the subs low level inputs to that. Like the speaker switch box, when you're using the 2 channel system, you will select an unused input on the RCA switch box.
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