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I have a very odd-shaped 12' by 13' room configuration to work with. The arrangement of the furniture is fixed (wife wont budge). The space to the left behind the loveseat is open into my dining room, and to the left of the couch is a hallway. I live in a condo, so it's small...

I need suggestions/links for all of the mounts and stand that I need to buy!

1) I need 4 wall-mounts for the 2 front speakers and 2 sats.

2) I need 1 ceiling mount for the rear-center.

3) I need a single stand of some sort to mount the front center above my plasma TV which sits on a TV-stand. The front-center speaker stand needs to be 52" high, and it must support/hold the front center speaker. It must also have a small footprint on the floor to fit behind my TV-stand. (TV is angled in a corner).

I will be wall-mounting the front R/L and rear R/L sats at the same height of the center (52"); and I will be mounting the rear-center to the ceiling.

If anyone has any better ideas for speaker configuration (Dr Hsu?), please share!!

Proposed Setup:
Blue = Couch/Loveseat
Black = TV in corner, walls, doors, tables
Green = Proposed speaker placement (large green box in corner will be STF-2 sub)

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