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Originally Posted by Calypte View Post
Aside from the entertaining discussion in another thread about deep-bass recordings, I have a basic question about upgrading

I have a VTF-3 Mk 4, purchased in 2014. If I were to replace it with a VTF-15 Mk 2, what differences would I expect to hear? Would it reach any deeper? The specs suggest it wouldn't. Would it have any audible advantage over what i have? If I were to replace the one VTF-3 Mk 4 with TWO VTF-15 Mk 2, would there be any improvement in audible LF extension? I'm somewhat limited in where I would put the second subwoofer. I'm thinking of trying behind my primary seating location.
How large is your room? Cubic Footage wise, so LxWxH?

My understanding is that the VTF-15H Mk2 should play louder and lower with less distortion than the VTF-3 Mk4. While the tuning frequencies are similar, you'll get more SPL across the board with a VTF-15H mk2. If your listening level doesn't change, then the primary difference is the VTF-15H mk2 would play at lower distortion since it would need to "work" much less to provide the same SPL.

2 VTF-15H mk2 would have dramatically lower distortion than a single subwoofer, since each one would need to work about 1/4 as hard to reach the same SPL. The pair would also have up to 6dB more headroom (if placed appropriately and delays are matched properly). The VTF-15H mk2 also has a port area advantage, so they can play louder with less port noise.

FWIW, I've got a pair of TN1220HO subs (each fed by a HSU 500W amp), and a pair of VTF-15H mk2 subs in my 2350cu ft theater room... By pretty much any sane definition, I'm into overkill territory.

Is a VTF-15H mk2 an upgrade over a VTF-3 mk4? Absolutely. Is it going to "wow" you? Perhaps not, unless you are really pushing the output capability of the mk4. What I think you will notice, however, is that the VTF-15H mk2 is an incredibly good sounding subwoofer that is as at home playing the deepest pipe organ notes at high level as it is at producing fast double-bass drum notes on death metal, to shaking the room with a T-Rex step in a movie.

My HSU subs have always played the neat trick of being completely unobtrusive until called upon to wreak havoc, disappearing into the music and only calling attention when it is appropriate.
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