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A week ago at this time, I was ready to order 2 ea VTF-15 Mk2, but with two stipulations: (1) that Hsu Research actually have the product in stock, and (2) that they allow me pick them up personally at Hsu HQ. I asked Hsu Research. The answer to both questions was negative.

Therefore, I ordered 2 ea TV1512 subs from Power Sound Audio. They should be here tomorrow (Feb 12). I don't think these will go low enough to let me hear the "Irene" scene adequately (the specs say no), but I don't think there's anything I can afford and have space for in my listening room that will provide "Irene." I'll have to live with that.

I've already found a taker for my Hsu VTF-3 Mk4. I am leaving the Hsu Research family. I may check back into this forum on occasion, but not as part of the Hsu Research family.

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