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Originally Posted by Kevin_Hsu View Post
Hi Stikky,

Welcome to the Hsu family! Yes you would use either the left or right high level input on the VTF-15H. You do not need to connect to both. One thing to note is that HITB receivers generally have a fixed crossover between the speakers and sub and usually the crossover is set quite high. You will probably want to keep the subwoofer up front near your speakers because it will be a bit more localizable with a higher crossover setting. When you get the Marantz receiver, you can use a single RCA cable from the subwoofer pre-out to the either the left or right low level input on the sub. Were you planning on using the same speakers from your HTIB?

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for the good info. Yes for now I plan to use the htib speakers for a short while. I had planned to purchase the hybrid 15 5.1 package but couldnt afford it all at once. Eventually the MK2 center and surrounds will be in place. Do you think the Marantz receiver will be adequate power for them?
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