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Thank you for having this forum. I'm planning to keep the KSW15 and replace the AR subwoofer. Which subwoofer would you recommend for my purchase? Will the KSW15 work well with your subwoofer? If you need additional info, please let me know.

1. Size requirements/limits. none
2. Room dimensions. 16 x 32 x 8 feet
3. Primary uses. 55% HT, 45% Music.
4. Listening habits. I do like my volume loud, but nothing excessive.

I currently have this setup:
Main - Klipsch KLF30 Towers
Center - Klipsch SC-1
4 Klipsch satellite surround speakers in the back at different locations.
2 subwoofers: Accoustic Research AR PR1010 (10") and Klipsch KSW15 (15")

The AR subwoofer is located near the right corner off the side wall and the Klipsch subwoofer is located right below the RIGHT satellite speaker on the side wall parallel and next to the sitting area.

Thank you!
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