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  • Anybody got pictures of how the banana plugs are attached to the speakers? I guess I want to understand how those dual banana plugs will work. (okay so I get it, 1 pair of the banana plug for each set of terminals)
  • Also I don't get how the RS banana will work on the rear center. It says to connect both blacks together and both reds together. How can we do that with just one pair of banana plugs? (okay so I will use the jumper cables provided in the box of the VTF and just plus the banana on one of the terminals)
  • But how come you guys are only counting 16 or 14? In my count (and if it's correct based on Figure 4: Hookup for 6.1 receivers of the manual) we will need 18 banana plugs for all the speakers except the rear center with which we'll use the radio shack plus # 278-307. The breakdown is 5 pairs (10 pieces) for the center and 4 pairs (8 pieces) for the satellites.
  • So in actuarial for a 6.1 setup, we need 18 pieces of PartsExpress banana plugs and 2 pieces of Radio Shack banana plugs. Of course this excludes how many you'll need for the terminals on your receiver.
  • Can anyone suggest a good connector/plus I can use for spring clips on my receiver? I got a Panasonic XR-50. Unfortunately it only has the screw type terminals for the front speakers and the rest are spring clips (excluding the subwoofer out which is coaxial).

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