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Sub Placement


I just purchased the VTF-2 for my HT. I've attached a drawing of the family room where it is going to be (sorry for the poor quality) and would like to get some advice about placement.

I have a 65" LG tv mounted on the wall (top of picture). Under the set is a tv stand that holds my Klipsch RC-62. On each side of the tv stand I have Klipsch Bookshelf speakers RB-61. And two ceiling speakers above the couch to complete my 5.1. Have a Denon 2112 A/V receiver.

The family room dimensions are 15'x25'. It opens out to the kitchen (15'x15'). The two vertical blue lines are sliding glass doors. The short blue horizontal line is a window. The two brown vertical lines are open doorways going to the living room and dining room.

Currently I have the sub placed at position #1 in the corner of the family room. But from what I've read on other posts, it seems you recommend placing the sub more often behind the couch (#2), or besides it (#3). My wife thinks it would looks prohibitively out of place at position #2, and there isn't much space at position #3.

I'm also guessing that the VTF-2 will likely not be big enough for the room. If I keep it in position #1, I can upgrade it to a VTF-3. But if I need to place it in position #2 or #3, I doubt that my wife will allow anything bigger than the VTF-2.

Thanks for your help.
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