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Well, we finished building the new room. I have placed the 2 VTF-15Hs as end tables as Dr Hsu suggested and all seems well for now.

I followed the Audyssey MultiQ32 setup as suggested as well.

I ended up adding two front high, two back and and my surrounds are the AIM Cinema Five Dipole speakers. As a good measure I had my 30 year old JBL L-250s reconed.

I know that I have not been around a high level of surround environments and realize my hardware is not at the level of many out there spending more, but after calibrating the room, the sound is pretty darn incredible.

My first burn-in experience was the DTS mastering of Alan Parsons "On Air". WOW, what an experience! Anyone wanting to own a recording that will cross the gambit of musical timbres, this is a good choice.

I do have a question about the volume setting for the VTF-15Hs. As many others have commented about the Audyssey calibration, the volume knob on the subs were set at the first mark to meet the initial 75db calibrating level and the cleanest sound from these subs is pretty much there when playing music or watching movies.

Have I done something wrong in the calibration or have I just bought a lot more bass/sub power than I'll ever use in the 18' x 30' room? When I try bumping the sub volume knob, the sound can get boomy and over powering. When left where calibrated, the low end is clean and very present but not in-your-face.

I assume I am being educated by what I have put together?

Thanks Dr Hsu for these beautiful looking and sounding monsters!

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