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Smile Sub Placement

I worried a little about placement myself. I had used a PSB sub 6 this sub was good for its time
But just didn't have the bass I was wanting to hear. The VTF-15 was the first piece of audio equipment I purchased without listening first. The 15 is heavy and tough to move around. I put it right where the old sub was. Made a few adjustment settings the sub disappeared in the room. This is my sixth sub over 20 plus years. The HSU is the best I have ever owned. The ability to configure this sub in so many ways has to satisfy even the toughest critic. I just enjoy listening and not use technical language that is confusing. I also have to remind myself there is a sub in the room. If you really want to see how good your HSU sub is go purchase a CD by the group called Yello the CD name is Baby. The bass in this CD will destroy most subs at reference levels. Check it out, then say to yourself wow I made the right purchase.
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