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I'm in the middle of a basement finish and needing to get subwoofer placement somewhat sorted before insulation and drywall happen in four weeks.

Room dimensions are 12'-9" wide, 24'-2" long. Ceiling height from the front wall to 10' back is 7'-8", then the ceiling is a foot higher to the back of the room. Main listening position will be between 9'-0" and 9'-6" from the front wall. Subs are currently drawn so that one is on the front wall and the other is just behind the couch on the left side of the room. Bar height table will be six feet behind the couch, but I'm less concerned about sound quality in that location.

All perimeter walls are 2x4 in front of 8" concrete walls, so I'm a little worried about over-energizing the room. Blue circles are recessed lights, black circles are Atmos speakers.

The plan is to have two subs in the room, probably VTF-2 Mk5s. I love my VTF-3 Mk5 in the living room (upstairs), but I feel like two VTF-2s will do admirably well in this space. I've considered placing both subs on the front wall at thirds along the wall, but thought I might get a more balanced sound with one right behind the couch.

Thanks for any suggestions. I want to get power and wiring close now, not regret it later.

EDIT: I'm at a point where I could take my VTF-3 Mk5 down into the room and do the sub crawl without drywall on the walls. Thoughts?
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