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Originally Posted by DS3 View Post
I'm planning on running AccuEq again now that I have the y-adapter to see if it helps my 686 set better levels automatically. If it still acts funny, I will just go back to setting the sub gain at just over 10 o'clock and set the AVR sub level to around -3dB using the dB app on my phone.

One question on mic placement...I'm using the Onkyo mic on a high-end photo tripod (carbon fiber, ~$1500 including the head) so it is pretty good about not transmitting extra vibrations, but when I set it up, should I keep it solely on the sofa cushions and not let it touch the floor to make it as isolated as possible?
That probably won't matter too much to be honest, but I would just keep it on the sofa to be closest to your ear position.
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