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Originally Posted by Kevin_Hsu View Post
That probably won't matter too much to be honest, but I would just keep it on the sofa to be closest to your ear position.

You were correct. I ran it earlier with the sub at 9 o'clock, AVR trim at 0dB and AccuEQ set the trim +1dB, so I moved the sub gain to 10 o'clock, reran AccuEQ and it then set it at +2dB?!? It also set the distance at about half (~7ft) of what it actually measures at (~15ft). I cannot explain this and I give up on AccuEQ as it obviously cannot calibrate subs.

So I did it manually, correcting the distance, setting the sub gain back to 9 o'clock, AVR trim to 0dB and increasing master volume until I got 78-80dB for 50Hz at MLP, which occured at -25dB master volume. I then backed AVR trim to -5dB and bumped the sub gain (now just under the next tick up from 9 o'clock)to get the MLP SPL back to 78-80dB.

Does this sound about right? Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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