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Still kind of new to the HT world...

On my picture (and considering your recommendations you've already posted), my main listening position(s) would be the Green spots on the sectional couch. Would the space behind the bend in the couch (upper left corner of picture) be considered the nearfiled, and the corner in the upper right be the farfield?

And out of curiosity, what is a common volume level you find that people tend to use? I have my dial turned to about 10 o'clock, but am kind of skeptical since there is still so much more 'turning of the dial' left...

And by the way, my new VTF-3 MK3 is so much more than I could have ever expected, and I haven't even settled on placement, calibrated/tuned it, or unleashed it's potential. GREAT product!

UPDATE: I decided to place the sub in the 'far field' placement (aka top right of my picture, in the corner perpendicular to the TV and fronts). I played around with the placement for near field vs far filed, and felt behind the couch at the bend of the sectional, the bass was too localized and overpowered the rest of the sound. Up front in the far field, the sound sounds more complete and blends smoother.

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