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Question How many banana plugs do I need to buy for the Ventriloquist system?

A banana plug might make installation of the rear center easier. Unfortunately, the rear center has unusually small holes, which are too tight for most plugs. We'll, we've found a RadioShack banana pair that fits well, although they require some soldering to the wire.

Use the Catalog number in the search box at
Catalog number: 278-307
Title: Banana Plug
Price: $7.99
Brand: Tandy Elect Pkg-440068

June 7th Update:
For the rest of your system, bananas can be useful when you unplug and plug-in speaker cable over and over. They offer a reliable, springy connection, something that bare wire just can't. With bare wire, you must be extra careful to fully tighten the binding posts each time. Plus, bananas reduce the risk of crossing wires.

To add Parts Express Dual bananas to a 6 channel system , you would need:

10 for the center and left/right fronts (pairs: 3 -> 3 -> 2 -> 2)
4 for the left and right rear surround (pairs: 2 -> 2)
1 for the rear center surround (pairs: 1 -> 1 pair of Radioshack bananas)
15 Parts Express Dual bananas plus the special Radioshack pair for the rear center (the rear center will have the jumper installed, so only one Radioshack banana pair is needed).

For a 5 channel system using the special rear center to simulate 6 channels
Using the rear center matrixing feature, you would need 14 Parts Express dual bananas and two pairs of the special Radioshack plugs. You would double up the wire on the rear satellite plugs and run them to the rear center.

For a 5 channel system
You would need 14 Parts Express dual bananas and no special Radioshack plugs at all.

P.S. For the Parts Express bananas, you might consider getting two colors to help keep track of left and right channels. For example, we sometimes use red for right and center, black for left. That would be six black ones, and the rest red. We then use a marking on the banana plug to keep track of polarity. You also need a small flat-head micro-screwdriver for the Parts Express bananas.
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