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How many banana plugs do I need to buy?

I'm moving tomorrow and am thinking of ordering my HSU VT-12s and STF-2 at that time. I'm probably going to get the following banana plugs:

They come in packages of 4 (2 pair). I'm guessing I'll need 2 pair per cable (one side for the speaker, one for the receiver). Here's my breakdown:

2 pairs for the rear left
2 pairs for the rear right
0 pairs for the rear center (won't work)
6 pairs for the front center (if I understand the setup correctly)
2 pairs for the front left
2 pairs for the front right
Total: 14 pairs

Am I understanding this correctly (the front center takes two extra sets of inputs for the front left and right)? Also, do those plugs look like they'll work? I'm guessing they will, but I'd like to make sure.

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