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Hey, just so I know before I mess things up (heh), how do I put the plugs on the wires? Any tricks or things to look for? Or will they come with instructions?

Got the TV today, still haven't gotten an E-mail with tracking info from any of the 4 places I ordered from (Friday at ~3 PM PST) My only problem is that the TV stand is really wobbly (put it together myself!) but this may be fixed when I put the carboard piece on the back (instructions claim it stabilizes it).

I picked up a pair of speaker stands this morning from Wal mart for $27 ( path=0%3A3944%3A3996%3A3964%3A38080 ). They look ok and seem to be built really well. I was debating about using these or the more expensive $50 stands I can get at Best Buy ( oduct ). Anyone know if there's a good stand for the rear center speaker? The Walmart stands can only hold up to 2 lbs, I'm not sure what the speaker weighs. Also, I guess I'd be wasting a stand, since they only come in pairs.

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